Show notes for 10/3/15

Welcome to A Needle Junkies!  Our first podcast has been published and can be found here.


Well, our first show is live. There are a couple technical snafus to tend with, but we really hope that you understand and just enjoy us for who we are.
We open up by talking about our needle journeys. Tina started as a child being taught to knit and crochet, but crocheted a whole lot more. As an adult though she prefers her knitting needles. She loves the meditative quality of knitting. She also learned to spin as an adult and said that the lady who taught her is to blame for her (and the lovely Lindsay) opening “A Yarn Crossing”. She has also delved into some dyeing. She has some beautiful yarn that is 50% alpaca, 25% silk, and 25% linen. I can’t wait for it to go into the shop. I look forward to getting my hands on some.
Kim started crocheting really early in life and doesn’t ever remember not crocheting. She never wanted to learn to knit because she had a strange aversion to knitters and thought that they were all snobby and exclusive. In January, Tiffany invited her to the knitting guild of Louisville. It was four days away and she decided to sit down with a how to book and a pair of needles and teach herself. She walked into the guild meeting four days later knitting on her first cable afghan. Now she can’t stop knitting. Her favorite is and always will be crochet though. Though she believes that there is always more to learn, she is an advanced crocheter and no longer finds difficulty in crocheting, that is where her love of knitting comes in. She enjoys lace and cables for their level of difficulty and need for learning. Her wonderful, enabling husband is the one that actually found the LYS, A Yarn Crossing, when it first opened and came in and purchased her first braid of fiber. And then on Christmas, her family gave her her first “Ashford Traditional” spinning wheel. She loves to spin every morning and uses it as her morning meditation.
Both of us are extreme nerds. Tina loves strategy games and Renaissance fairs. She got the most beautiful scissors at the last fair she went to. They were found at the Ohio Renaissance Festival at a vendor booth, Pirates Treasure. Check them out folks. They are very ornate and have some gemstones (lets just call them rubies). And then….the technical difficulty…and blah, blah, blah. We were somewhere around Kim saying that Tina was a bigger nerd and Tina reminding her that she owns more Wonder Woman clothing in her wardrobe than anything else. Kim also said that she would wear only Wonder Woman clothes if it were up to her. She also loves Jane Austen novels for the love stories, but some of the women aggravate her because of their wimpiness. Her favorites though are fantasy novels such as R.A. Salvatore and Robert Jordan because she loves things that are not of this world like dragons, dwarves, elves and dark elves.
Kim also told us about her trip to Florida, (if you want to read more about that trip, check out the blog) and that she went to a cool LYS in Woodstock, GA named “A Whole Nine Yarns”. If you all are ever around that part of Georgia, please go in and check out their sock yarn selection and all of the rest of their glorious inventory. Make sure that you tell Debi and Jan that Kim says hello.
Tina mentions that she is a social worker and would love to see us reach out to some of the downtrodden, those that have been in abusive relationships, children in bad situations, and the mentally ill. Kim has a great love for drug addicts and alcoholics.
Things you can expect from shows:
-projects we are involoved in
-upcoming events; Southern Indiana Fiber Arts Festival,
October 23-24, 2015
-shop events for A Yarn Crossing
-our knit and crochet
-classes we are teaching
-kal for charities and general enjoyment
-interviews- to help you get to know
-indie dyers
-spinners, crocheters, knitters
-shop owners
-shepherds and shepherdesses
-charities that need our help to deliver handmade items
to people in need
-anything else fiber related
-reviews of books
-other notions
-other life events that you may (or may not) be interested in

Then we get to the meat of the podcast with our interview with Barb from Knitted Knockers. [][1]
Barb shared lots of details that you can listen to and look her up on the website. And then jump on the band wagon and make as many knitted knockers as you can. Barb can help get you in touch with organizations in your area to help you get them in the hands of women that need our help. If you need yarn and are in the Louisville area, please stop by A Yarn Crossing and pick up your Ultra Pima Cotton. Tina and Kim can also help you get them in the right hands. We are going to be doing a kal/cal to help get more out there. We are going to give away 4 skeins of Ultra Pima Cotton to 4 seperate people. 2 will go to people who comment on the show notes here and 2 will go to people who comment on our blog post of the show notes. Please look at the ravelry board for the knitted knockers kal/cal rules. Whoever knits/crochets the most will win a surprise skein from Kim’s stash.
You can find us on ravelry and instagram:
Tina is ellabelle on ravelry and ellabelle_knits on instagram. Kim is kimschroeder1203 on ravelry and on instagram.


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