A little more on some charities

So, part of the thing we really want to do through our podcast and the blog is to highlight some of the beautiful charities that are out there. Our first interview was with Barb Demorest from The Knitted Knocker organization.  How many of us know a woman or have been the woman that has gone through breast cancer?  How many of us, our friends, and family members have had mastectomies or radiation burns.  When dealing with this heart wrenching disease, the last thing any of these ladies need is the feeling of looking different than others.  Many times, normal breast prosthetics hurt and cannot be worn for a long time after the procedure is done.  Please help us get more knitted prosthetics out there.  Check these pages out for more information.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/knitted-knockers or http://www.knittedknockers.org/make-a-knocker/

The next charity we would like to highlight is Together Rising.  Chandi, from Expression Fiber Arts, (check her out here: http://www.expressionfiberarts.com/ and http://blog.expressionfiberarts.com/) told us that this is her favorite charity.  After checking them out, I can see why.  Check out some of what they were able to do in 2014…this came straight from their website:

  • $100 gift cards for 50 single moms for Valentine’s Day.
  • School supplies for 150 families in need.
  • Funds to a single mom of 2 boys who lost her 35 year-old husband to leukemia/lymphoma.
  • Money for a military veteran single mama who lost her job and has struggled to find steady work. She was diagnosed with bladder cancer and was on the verge of being homeless.
  • Funding for a group of 8th grade Girl Scouts so that they could make fleece blankets and hygiene kits for a local domestic violence center.
  • Funds to the family of a little boy born with severe heart disease called Tetrology of Fallot with pulmonary atresia. He has had several surgeries and his father lost his job as a result of missing work for all of the travel.
  • Money to a family who is struggling to make ends meet after the father sustained an injury and the mother has been unable to find a job. We sent them money to help them pay for a necessary car repair and their electric bill. We sent toys for their daughter’s birthday and a gift card for clothes.
  • Money to help with travel costs for cancer treatment to a single mom with stage 4 inflammatory cancer, who is fighting to stay alive and raise her 5 year-old daughter.
  • Funds to a mom in desperate need of providing clothes for her kids.

This definitely seems like a more than worthy charity.  Let’s check them out and help these families.  Life is hard sometimes.  It is easier when we feel a little bit of love. Check their website out please, http://togetherrising.org/

Last and most definitely not least,  we talked to Kirsten Kapur.  What a great lady.  She has lived through a struggle with watching her father struggle with dementia.  What an awful feeling to watch someone you love mentally deteriorate.  I have seen it in my own life.  Kirsten has asked everyone to check out Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation at http://www.alzinfo.org/  She has done something extremely cool.  She made a pattern that is in remembrance of her father.  The pattern is name Dr. G’s Memory Vest.  She just asks that we donate some money…anything you can give, even $1 and she will gift you the pattern.  You can find out more information here… http://throughtheloops.typepad.com/designs/2012/03/dr-gs-memory-vest.html  or here   http://www.ravelry.com/projects/throughtheloops/dr-gs-memory-vest

There are so many great charities out there.  But one of the ones closest to my heart is Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund.  My daddy has had a couple strokes.  The first time he recovered pretty well after not being able to remember my mom’s name or where he lived.  Because of TBI, my dad was able to get the treatment and rehabilitation that was necessary for him to be able to go back to work.  But more recently he had another stroke.  This one was more debilitating than the first.  It affected the right frontal lobe (which is what is affected in autistic individuals).  My dad is no longer able to hold a job.  TBI has many programs to help people struggling with this typw of injury.  Please check them out.  There are different websites for each individual state in America.

Thank you for so much of your time and attention.  Let’s reach out and help someone today.  Thanks.

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