Episode with Beth Brown-Reinsel

So, I have been busy and couldn’t seem to fit in the time to do the blog.  But finally, here we go.

So, we started talking about what we have finished, or in my case what we have not finished.  I am STILL working on the Delphyne Thigh highs that I have been working on forever and ever.  I have also been working on a Highlands Cow out of the Edward’s Menagerie book.  I love the designs in there.  I also have been working on a test knit for Sarah from Orange Jellyfish Dreams yarn.  Other than knitting and crocheting, I have been documenting all of my stash and books on ravelry.  In doing so, I ran into all of my beautiful yarns that I love so much.  I decided to join my own yarn club.  I picked a projects worth of stash yarn for each month and a pattern to go with it.  I put them all into brown paper bags and labeled them each with a different month.  Now, each month, I can open a bag and get excited all over again.  I am going to start a MKAL with Never Not Knitting and a sweater to knit along with A Yarn Crossing.  I also bought the MAster Knitter’s Program.  I am pretty stoked to do it.

Tina has also not finished anything else.  She did not really talk much about anything she is working on.

And then, the  meat of the program.  We interviewed Beth Brown-Reinsel.  I will not tell you a whole lot of her story on here, but if you listen to the interview, you will not be disappointed.  Here is a link for Sanquhar Glove exhibit that she talked about. http://sanquhargloves.centerforknitandcrochet.org/ .  Her website is http://www.knittingtraditions.com/ , make sure you check it out.  Sign up for her newsletter.  It is such a nice thing to find in your inbox. http://www.knittingtraditions.com/news/newsletter/   She also talked about twined knitting and other workshops that she has been finishing up.  http://www.knittingtraditions.com/workshops/calendar/  If you would like more information about her, please check out her website first.  All of the ways to connect with her are listed on there.  But one other link where you can find her would be ravelry  http://www.ravelry.com/people/bethbrknits .  The charities she talked about was Amnesty International.  You can find more information about this organization here.  https://www.amnesty.org/en/  The other charity was the SIDS Foundation.  Please check them out here.  https://www.amnesty.org/en/  Beth also designed a dress pattern that you can find on her website and all proceeds go to the SIDS Foundation.  Please go here to find it.  http://www.knittingtraditions.com/product-pattern/2010/01/chloes-dress-pattern/

IT was great to talk to Beth.  We had a small laugh about Tina tumbling down the stairs and landing on her pizza.  I also shared that sometimes I forget that my head is where it is and I run it into inanimate objects a lot.  Tina talked a little about some of the gaming she has been doing.  I mentioned that she might want to check out the Yarnings podcast.  I mentioned that instead of a New Year’s resolution, I chose the word declutter to focus on throughout the year.  The big one is my wardrobe.  I am going through it and getting rid of absolutely everything that I did not wear last year.  I am trying to get to the point where I have a “uniform” and then I can just add in handmade items for a focal piece.  I just recently finished a tunic from the Simplicity 1080 pattern.  Other that that, I think we are finished.  Please listen in


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